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The Arts Family (TAF)

The Arts Family (TAF) is a London based independent non-profit initiative connecting the global community of artists, gallerists, writers, curators, collectors and other art market professionals interested in contemporary and modern art. We aim to inspire those with a passion for art, through our educational talks and raise the profile of artists who apply for our TAF Awards. TAF does not represent artists, but connects art professionals forming meaningful relationships.

Celebrating Emerging South Asian Talents

Enter the realm of The Arts Family Awards, an esteemed platform recognizing and presenting the works of deserving emerging artists from South Asia. With three successful editions, the TAF Emerging Artist Award South Asia stands as a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and offering a stage for artists under the age of 45 to shine on the global art scene.

Image of Nimbus by Harsha Durugadda

Insider Insights: TAF Talks Series

Dive into the artworld with TAF Talks, a captivating series of 30-minute insider interviews. Join us live as we converse with artists, curators, and gallerists, unraveling their work and lifestyles across diverse cities globally. Explore the network-driven essence of the artworld, develop connections with TAF, and gain valuable insights into how international artists shape their professional practices.

Showcasing Artists:
TAF Exhibitions

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of contemporary South Asian art at a TAF Exhibition. Held at prestigious venues around the world, witness the culmination of our efforts to give artists international exposure and recognition. Join us as we showcase a diverse array of artworks, including those of our award-winning artists, offering a glimpse into the dynamic narratives shaping the future of art.


Connecting the global community of artists & art professionals worldwide

Explore the contemporary art world of South Asia through The Arts Family's philosophy. Get engaged in the art world through our regular online TAF Talks where we offer insightful conversations with leading art world professionals from across the globe. We support South Asian artists in their career development through our leading TAF Emerging Artist programme where each year we award prizes that recognise the enormous talent from the region, while our regular international exhibitions provide exposure and platform to artists to showcase their work. Catch a glimpse of their art and our exhibitions here.

TAF Award

TAF is proud to present Three Editions of the TAF Artist Award 2022, 2023 and 2024 presented to deserving South Asian artists chosen by a renowned panel of international judges.


Engage in the international art world through our live online TAF Talks and learn from art world insiders- all experts in their fields.


TAF fosters critical thinking and dialogue through exhibitions. By collaborating with partners, TAF provides an international platform for showcasing a diverse array of contemporary South Asian artists.

Mentorship Program

TAF offers its shortlisted candidates the opportunity to receive a mentorship delivered by the post-graduate students of the Master's Degree programme taught by faculty of Sotheby's Institute of Art, London.

TAF Emerging Artist Award Winners (2024)

1st Prize Winner

Noor Ali Chhagani


Noor Ali Chagani, a Lahore-based artist, creates works comprised of hand-made miniature terracotta bricks to demonstrate his unique take as a sculptor on the tradition of miniature painting. His work revolves around the concept of the absence of home; his quest for a personal space that he can call his own. On a very personal level, Chagani feels that bricks are a symbolic way for him to connect to the rest of the world. His brick works also demonstrate a fascination with the symbolic power of colossal walls, which connote silence and strength. In contrast, Chagani also works with the idea of self-comparison with walls, as obstructive, stagnant objects.

Chagani received his BS Degree in Computer Science in Karachi and then later BFA in Miniature Painting from National College of Arts, Lahore and has since exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in Pakistan, India, UAE, UK, Netherlands, Bahrain and United States. His first exhibition in the US was ETHEREAL, at Leila Heller Gallery, New York curated by Dr. Amin Jaffer. Chagani was nominated for the Victoria and Albert Museums prestigious Jameel Art Prize 2011. He was awarded with guest residency in Rijks Academy, Netherlands in 2012 and Riwaq Art Space residency in Bahrain 2013. Chagani’s artwork has been featured in numerous publications such as Los Angeles Times, Asia Pacific Arts, L’Opitimum n°23, Global Citizen 13 magazine, Nafas Art Magazine and several daily local newspapers.

Represented by Leila Heller Gallery, Latitude 28, Canvas Gallery.

2nd Prize Winner

Arpita Akhanda


Arpita Akhanda (b.1992) is a multi-disciplinary artist with a Master’s in Painting from Kala Bhavan, Santiniketan (India) completed in 2017. Akhanda works across a range of mediums such as paper weaving, performance art, photography, installation, drawing, and video where she explores the relationship between memories, migration, body, trauma and materials. Her practice emerges from the idea of looking at the body as a memory collector.  She has been the recipient of various awards such as the Prince Claus Seed Award (2022); Inlaks Fine Art Award (2022) and the Emerging Artist Award (2020-2021) from FICA. She is presently a participant in the Jan Van Eyck Residency, Maastricht, Netherlands (2022- 23). Akhanda has been a part of other residencies such as the India Art Fair, New Delhi (2022); Gästeatelier Krone in association with KHOJ at Aarau, Switzerland (2021) and the Piramal Art Residency, Mumbai (2020). Akhanda’s works have been exhibited as a part of these residences and been showcased in several other exhibitions such as “Rivers and Road: meandering stories of India” at the AAIE Centre for Contemporary Art, Rome, Italy (2022); “Of Liminal Beings and other spaces” at Emami Art Gallery, Kolkata, India (2021) and “The Trifecta of Movement” at Exhibit 320, New Delhi (2021) to name a few.

Represented by Emami Art Gallery

2nd Prize Winner

Farah Mulla


Farah Mulla (b.1988) is a multimedia artist based in Goa/Mumbai, India. Her background in science overlaps with her art practice to explore the perception of sound and its effects on human neurology and subjectivity. Her current research experiments with sensory overlaps and materiality through different texts, sounds, and circuits.

Mulla completed her MFA from the Cambridge School of Arts, U.K. Her works have been exhibited in solo exhibitions in Mumbai at Jehangir Art Gallery and Zenzi. Her participation in group shows include Sakshi Gallery, Ruskin Gallery, Changing Spaces (Ark). Mulla was a part of the Dharti Arts Residency and has presented her work at the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa.

Curious about sensation and perception processes, Farah Mulla’s research and art practice explores the space in between sensory thresholds, where harmony might not be present in the environment but fabricated by our cognition. Approaching the listening experience and the invisible agency of sound via multiple modes of enquiry. These interfaces become a site which attribute the work its interactive affordance and form. She uses sensorial interfaces in an attempt to deploy a language that gives form to intangible and varied materials.

3rd Prize Winner

Soma Surovi Jannat


I am Soma Surovi Jannat (b. 1990), an artist from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

My work is about how we can cultivate our senses through the relationship with nature. In my work, I try to create a multi-dimensional space with drawings/ herbs/ organic materials, where viewers have the opportunity to enhance their visual perception and senses through interaction with the artwork. My body of work includes Drawing, Installation, Collaboration, Eco-art, and Paintings.

Dhaka is the most crowded city in the world and we don’t have enough space to live, so I abandon the idea of monotonous studio space in 2016 when I completed my MFA degree and started to work in open spaces. I traveled to different villages in Bangladesh and India like - tribal village (Santhal) in Santiniketan, my hometown Lalmonirhat, etc. Talking to locals from different communities than mine and spending time with them enables me to understand how they live and relate to nature. My experience and understanding regarding nature, the way of living of different communities, their thoughts; all act as inspiration, resource, and medium of my works.

Represented by Gallery Espace