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Sunil Yadav


Since origin, geometry has been a part and parcel of human Civilization. The famous mathematician Euclid established ‘geometry’ as a subject which is derived from Greek words ‘geo’ which means ‘earth’ and ‘metron’ which means ‘measurements.’ I observed one common thing in my art practice and in the study of mathematics that is ‘geometry’, which is prominently rooted in shapes and space. Through my art exploration I found the endless possibility in creation of art where my primary concern is conveying my visual perception of geometric shapes, patterns, designs, lines and angles in surrounding. In my recent art works, I am trying to find out how geometric pattern embedded in the surroundings due to which it is a visible to us in 3D form. I endeavor to seek the geometrical form in different trees as well which apparent the characteristics of that particular tree.  Most of my series works are created in mixed media which are combining of natural object’s photographs and drawings and intertwined by finding commonalities. In this way through my geometric abstraction, I’m trying to develop my own pictorial and artistic vocabulary that evolved through simple and elegant geometric elements.

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