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Tahira Noreen


My work represents a conceptual depiction of movement, stimulating my senses during various travels. Travel can be both an inward as well as an outward experience—it can be a journey back intime, a reverie, or a challenge to our concept of time and space, especially when travelling by air. Conversely, it can be an uncharted road journey leading to a distant horizon or an unknown destination.

My inspiration comes from my extensive time spent traveling between work and home, as well as to and from cities I have visited. My practice is influenced by maps, architecture, cityscapes, geometric shapes, and the rhythm of routine. Lines in my work symbolize the blur of speed or fleeting memories, while their repetition imitates the recurrence of routine and the passage of time. Ranging from basic forms to intricate geometric patterns and organic abstractions, my work oscillates between movement and stillness, tranquility and noise, evoking balance and serenity.

Using a precision cutter on wasli, I meticulously craft intricately structured works. As the cutter scores through the surface, it unravels each layer embedded within, forming unique tiered contours and vortexes. This process requires focused incisions, inducing a meditative state but also reaching a point of pain and numbness. By choosing the cutter as a medium, I permanently alter the paper, leaving indelible marks that cannot be replicated or erased, symbolizing each moment within time. Each incised line on the wasli signifies the passage of time and records a journey.

My artworks range in size from a few inches to as large as 8 x 4 feet. A square inch comprises approximately 150 to175 blade cuts. Most of my works are monochromatic, eliminating the distraction of color and allowing the focus to be on form, technique, texture, and pattern. I am fascinated by how light interacts with these monochromatic images, recreating their form and depth from various angles, simultaneously appearing flat yet imbued with dimension.

Once crafted, these lines cannot be reversed, erased, or replicated, symbolizing the uniqueness and irrevocability of each work.