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Arushee Suri


My works revolves around the five senses, and how the sounds and smells of places bring back flashes of memories that we identify them with. I am constantly exploring ideas of incorporating the senses in my work and how they are related to each other. I started with making blind drawings (drawing without my glasses or lenses) and added textures like braille and embroidery to them. These hands-on processes enabled me to explore porcelain. My sculptures are inspired by my drawings, further using various textures including fur, beads, and found objects with them. I have sometimes used essential oils on these materials.

I investigate the impact that each place has on me, and the memories I create with my surroundings and the people in my life. It is always my desire that the viewer actively interacts with my work on various levels. Sometimes I gather pieces/objects or pieces of memories from the places I visit and work around creating works using fragments of those memories on different surfaces while exploring and using the texture. I like to draw on examples from life for my art that encourage an audience to connect with the work on an emotional or empathetic or just simply human level. This then makes it fulfilling for both them and me.