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Mansie Shah


Clay, in its raw and unassuming state, serves as the starting point of my artistic journey. I intuitively work with clay using the hand-coiling technique. This open-ended method for form-making infuses the creative process with ambiguity and chance. Iterations and variations in such exploration allow for infinite connections.  Embracing the tactile quality of clay, I incorporate a lot of hand-drawn texture into the work to add another layer of depth and character. My artistic journey is characterized by an unceasing exploration of the phenomenon of lines, whether it is in the way the line moves in a sculpture or within the textured line-work on its surface. For me, the act of creating is like writing a diary, traversing the realms of space, line, form, perception, depth, time, reality- the stuff of existential reveries. I engage in this work for the same reason one keeps a diary: to examine what remains after one turns down the volume and peels away the thick layers of our material existence, perhaps to reveal the ‘self’ that exists in a singular moment, suspended in space and time. This abstract, sculptural diary allows me to look at these ideas, but not in a direct, under-the-microscope sort of a way, but rather through the foggy, diffused lens of abstraction.