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Prashant Patil


Originating from the serene village of Koregaon , Maharashtra, my art practice is deeply intertwined with my connection to the village. It starts with excavation ofsuch places and preserving them in a multilingual, multilayer depiction through various mediums such as drawing, painting, sculptural drawings, installations, and video. My practice involves exploration of the essence of common household objects and reimagining them through sculptural drawings to initiate a dialogue within the space.

My workdelves into the transient nature and ever-changing landscapes of rural areas, particularly the household items that shape them. By questioning the transitory and temporal existence of Indian traditional elements, the artworks emits fragments of a hazy and delicate ambiance from the past. Objects and their surroundings become tools of expression, captivating me through the arrangement of indoor and outdoor spaces.

As a process of making work, I have fascination about collecting objects from abandoned places. I use glue-gun sticks as a drawing tool, leveraging their continuous fluidity and thickness to construct overlapping layers of drawings and sculptural molds using found objects. . Light plays a prominent role in most of my installations, as it projects captivating shadows that evoke a fleeting sensation of temporal existence. Shadows, in my work, serve as a medium of expression, imbuing meaning and depth to the artwork.

Drawings emits resonating sound of silence, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in contemplation and introspection.