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Kishwar Kiani


Kishwar Kiani GBA is a visual artist, sculptor and an academic from Pakistan, currently based in Rawalpindi and London.

Questioning how order and chaos coexist through scaffoldings underpins her visual arts practice. She identifies her ‘true-self’ in order and chaos, through scaffolds and mazes. Her works vary from charcoal to metal, exploring ways to break away from the constraints of her learning. She identifies her surroundings as a gigantic scaffolding and in perpetual creative movement: building, renovating, elevating but also obliterating.

With her illustrated drawings of people falling out of a crumbling maze and sculptures on the verge of complete disintegration, she toys with chance in hope to find new ways of keeping the viewer at an edge, hanging, predicting the outcome. As every work takes its form from the previous one, the order that once stood separate becomes systemized within chaos as a linear narrative in her works. Nowadays, she is busy creating the hyphen between destruction and creation.