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The Arts Family (TAF) presents it's Third Edition of TAF EMERGING ARTIST AWARD- SOUTH ASIA 2024. The award is open to artists from the age of 22 to 42 years and under of South Asian origin  i.e. India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, Maldives, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka and the diaspora. Our aim is to support talented emerging artists from these regions and assist them in building their careers by providing them with exposure and guidance in the international art market. 

DATES- SUBMISSION DATE EXTENSION- Please submit your entries by SATURDAY 28th OCTOBER 2023, 23:49 GMT/London. Around 15 shortlisted candidates will be contacted in December 2023 to further verify details and the announcement will be made public in January 2024. The top 3 winners will be announced in March 2024. (**The information on the website has now been updated and the artists are only to make 1 artwork available from their submission in case they are shortlisted for the award and not all 3**)


HOW TO APPLY- Email us the following in one email only- 1) Images of three different bodies of artworks from different series produced in the last three years. 2) A short writeup about these works/series and 3) Artist CV (clearly stating your name, dob, educational background and history of exhibition/shows). 4) In the subject line mention your name only. 5) The artists are free to choose any working media- Painting | Sculpture | Photography | Digital | New Media | Design. There is no restriction on media or sizes of artwork. 


The awards will go to the emerging artists showing innovation and mastery in their subject and working media. The winners will be judged by an international board of acclaimed jury and all decisions are final. Jury announced. 

THE AWARDS- The following cash prizes will be awarded-

1st Prize- £1500 | 2nd Prize- £1000 | 3rd Prize- £500

YOUNG ARTIST MENTION- 1 artist between the ages of 22-27 years will be announced as a special mention and will receive £250. 


Approximately 10 shortlisted candidates will receive the opportunity for a 3-month art business career mentorship delivered by one of the post-graduate students of the Master's Degree programme in Art Business taught by faculty of Sotheby's Institute of Art, London. We will personally match each chosen artist with a Sotheby's Art Business current student or recent graduate in collaboration with the faculty head of the MA Art Business in London. TAF will be co-ordinating the mentorship in close collaboration with Sotheby's Institute


TAF promotes the shortlisted candidates throughout the year on its social media platforms and other publishing channels. We aim to showcase the shortlisted artists in exhibitions by collaborating with galleries in London and India. If the galleries are interested in exhibiting TAF shortlisted candidates they must contact us on The exhibition component is a big added bonus to the award winners and the shortlisted candidates. 

All entries must be sent to the following email

NOTES- 1) The artwork images should not be more than 18 MB in total size. 2) Please make sure the submitted works for the art award have been executed in the last three years. 3) Atleast 1 of the 3 submitted artworks must be available for a TAF exhibition as there is a possibility of a physical exhibition in India or London (TBC closer to time). 4) If a gallery represents the artist, please notify us in your application. All credit will be given to the gallery submitting the application on behalf of its artist. However, there is no extra weightage given in case an application comes through a gallery instead of the artist. 5)Shortlisted candidates can re-submit their most recent works to be considered for the award. 



Stephen Snoddy (Director, The New Art Gallery, Walsall), Lekha Poddar (Devi Art Foundation, New Delhi), Julia Hutt (ex-Curator Victoria & Albert Museum, London), Neha Jaiswal (Founder The Arts Family), Amit Kumar Jain (Founder, Middleclass Collector), Malini Roy (Head of Visual Arts at British Library, London), Shanti Panchal (Master British Indian Artist) and David Bellingham (Art Historian and PD SIAL) 

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