The Arts Family, London (TAF) is a not-for-profit based in London with a focus on emerging South Asian art and artists.  TAF was started in March 2021 as a way of providing a platform that is supportive in essence and intended for art professionals around the world to exchange ideas, thoughts and to communicate, especially during the time when everyone was unable to travel due to the global pandemic. In short, we started TAF as an internet-based cross-cultural community of arts professionals including artists, gallerists, writers, collectors and anyone with a strong interest in the visual arts. Since then, the project has grown and is attracting a lot of attention, especially in India when we launched the TAF Emerging Artist Award South Asia in April 2021 for talented artists under the age of 35.

Our vision is to grow an interactive community which is global in nature and supportive of artists, especially those from South Asia who apply for the Award. We don’t set out to represent artists, but we support them in their professional development and in the way we are able to give them exposure to an international market. Another way we are supporting artists is by starting our TAF Education programme. Currently this comprises a new series of live streamed events, TAF TALKS, which we started at the end of 2021.




Neha is an entrepreneur and an art collector based in London. She has more than a decade of experience in London real-estate and Arts. 

Her passion for Arts lead her to Sotheby's Institute, London where she worked for nearly three years before completing her MA in Art Business from the Institute. She curated her first art exhibition titled Living Traditions in April 2013 in London with the aim of promoting traditional arts from India.

Neha has served on the advisory board of Fine Art Bourse, an online auction house, growing its business. Neha currently sits on the South Asian Acquisitions Committee (SAAC) at TATE. 

Neha lives with her two children and husband in a leafy part of London.