Idee Fixe - Part 2

‘Idee fixe’(vocalizes an empowered preoccupation with the female body, contracting several symbolic reclamations of the breast) as an interactive installation at the Serendipity Arts Festival under the FICA’s project ‘call to disorder’. Here, viewers are invited to interact with, contribute to, and augment the reading of breast stories through their response to the text- a word, a citation, a memory. i consider this is a key point like an internal shift in my practice, nowadays, my interest roams around in making zines, graphic narratives, picture books, and comics as a mode of communication. Here, i would like to mention that in the year 2018, my participation in ‘the storytelling’ course organized by FICA and SAF, helped me to reorganize my practice in a plural vision in terms of publishing interpersonal political narratives. As an experimental storyteller i am inquisitive about non-linear narratives which haven’t a beginning nor an end, but an endless loop. What also appeals to me about publication is the aspects of receptiveness and their potential for unlimited multiplication.

size: 4 x 6 feet approx. medium: fabric, acrylic, pen, thread, year: 2019

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