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Farrukh Addnan


My inspiration also hometown; Tulamba, an ancient historic ruined site located in southern Punjab, Pakistan. It leads me to look back at historic events which took place and are now embedded underground layer by layer. Having played on these ruins in my childhood, it was the place that fascinated and evoked curiosity in me. What was its original form and how did it turn into ruins? In this work titled “Review” the work intends to invite viewers on a journey of grounded realities where they are expected to read between the dots, lines, marks, shapes and architecture, excavation and survey plans with me and examine to be able to encircle the present with past. Medium pen and ink on canvas, I think is relevant to express the subject of archaeology. To find my subject, I looked back at my childhood to draw my connection with hometown. Style involves also evolves with my f inding of signs, symbols, plans and historic events of Tulamba.

In Mehta House, Farrukh studies the Architecture of the house and how it embodies changing narratives. However, there are things which work in cycle, farrukh keeps his focus specifically on the light from the Sun, the light is both source of illuminating the Architectural features and casting shadows of the very feature. It speaks of the presence that has left its mark on the four folds of the house.